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Are you looking for a forum licence to buy or to sell? Are you tired of fake offers, getting ribbed of, endless price discussions and unreliable counterparts who do not respond fast enough or not at all?

Do you simply want to buy or sell fast & easy a licence or a whole forum, without risking something or fearing to buy too expensive or selling too low?

Than you are at the right place! This nightmare has now an end. And this is all for free!

Join us. No transaction fees, no registration costs. Everything is transparent. Nobody gets ribbed of. A dream comes true.

Why are we doing this? We have learned it the hard way ourselves and want to make it better for everybody. Simple as that.

We give you here a platform to buy & sell, the guidelines, the help, the background information and the prices you need to settle on.

Additionally, we offer a free middle-man service. So you will never risk anything!

Everything is transparent, fair and fast. Did we mention already that all this is a free service? 🙂

So help us to make this a better place. Treat others the way you want to be treated!

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