About us

We are running community forums ourselves. Over the last decade, we needed for new projects always new forum-licences and to buy this always new is expensive, if you do not know yet whether you will be able to cover the costs in the next few years.

Therefore we bought second hand licences on the usual trading platforms to save money.

But we soon realized, that most offers on one of the well-known platforms are fake. The few which were real were a pain in the neck, because the sellers did respond very slow.

This is so typical for all trading platforms. Too many sellers are unreliable or slow in responding to PMs. This is an unprofessional behaviour and obviously nobody wants to be treated like that.

So we have learned it the hard way ourselves and want to make a better platform for buying and selling Licences or complete forums. Simple as that.

This is why we pay attention to those details like fast responses etc. If we find out, that this is not the case, we delete or ban the sellers/buyers.

So help us to make this a better place. Treat others the way you want to be treated!